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Bsten - Education

Brentry Primary School

Brentry Primary School is situated on the North West Boundary of the City of Bristol.

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Blaise High School

Blaise High School, formerly Henbury School, has opened its doors as the latest member of the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

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Online Safety for Children and Teens

We know just how much time kids spend chatting, surfing or playing games online and how much they love connecting and sharing with people all over the world.

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Aesop's Fables, Tales and videos

Aesop, (Greek:Αἴσωπος, 620–564 BCE), was an Ancient Greek fabulist or story teller credited with a number of fables now collectively known as Aesop's Fables.

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Henbury Library

The Henbury library has been open since 1972 and has over one thousand visitors a week. These are mostly 12-15 year olds after school for computers, young mums and over 60s. The library has a range of books for all people. Books can be hired for up to three weeks. They can also rent DVD's.

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Ancient Greek philosopher's quotes

The Ancient Greek philosophers were unbelievably smart and wise. They used few words, 'quotes', to express pearls of wisdom that stand up today as guidelines for living wisely and compassionately.

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