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Henbury and Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership

The Henbury and Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership consists of:
- four elected councillors (two from each ward) and
- a maximum of six resident representatives from each ward.

Resident representatives from Henbury are selected through the Henbury and Brentry Community Council. In Southmead they are put forward from the Southmead Steering Group. An equalities representative is being sought to join the Neighbourhood Partnership.

Our meetings are decision-taking meetings which take place in public – members of the public are welcome to attend and are invited to make Public Forum statements. Partnership agenda items include formal decision making about budget spend (taken by Ward Councillors) and other decisions and updates for action about issues of major concern to residents in our area.



  • Better support around alcohol and heroin misuse.
  • Investing in 0 to 4 age group and young people.
  • Increasing community influence on education, adult and children.
  • Making the community safer by making neighbourhood harassment a thing of the past.
  • Increasing pride in Southmead and improving its status.
  • Increasing involvement of residents in all parts of Southmead ward.
  • Future development of open spaces and public areas in southmead and in Glencoyne Square.
  • Strengthening the community by bringing young people and older people together more.
  • Organising ourselves better to have a clearer, stronger voice.
  • Supporting people to improve their health through a high standard of services.
  • Helping the local community with the effects of the recession.

Henbury and Brentry

Developing the community
  • Need a community centre.
  • Traffic, transport and highways issues.
  • Improving street litter, dog mess and cleaner streets.
  • Improving quality of life in blocks of flats.
  • Combatting drug use and drug dealing.
  • Influencing the impact of development in South Gloucestershire.
  • Protecting green spaces and getting more people using them.
  • Improving Crow Lane shops and flats.
Older people
  • Developing community transport.
  • Linkage needed.
  • More accommodation for older people.
  • Inter-generational opportunities.
  • More clubs and activities for older people.
  • Supporting more isolated older people.
Young People
  • Crime and community safety.
  • Work, training and education.
  • Things to do.
Partnership meetings

You can find agendas and meeting minutes for this year on our committee meetings finder.

Neighbourhood Forum meetings

A Neighbourhood Forum is a public meeting that covers the ward you live in. It’s the place to go if you would like to raise any concerns or know what is happening in your community. You can meet local officers or your ward Councillors and have a chance to influence public consultations and decisions made by the Neighbourhood Partnership.

Neighbourhood Forums take place in most Neighbourhood Partnership areas (usually there is one Neighbourhood Forum per ward in the Neighbourhood Partnership area).

For forum meetings please visit the Neighbourhood Forums page.

Highway budget for Neighbourhood Partnerships

Council funding is given to Neighbourhood Partnerships for local traffic schemes.

The  Traffic Choices website is a resource developed to help partnerships spend their money, track current activity, and explain the process. 

Elected members

  • Councillor Mark Weston (Conservative), Henbury: 0117 353 3164.
  • Councillor Chris Windows (Conservative), Henbury: 0117 353 4710.
  • Councillor Brenda Massey (Labour), Southmead: 07887 451718.
  • Councillor Jenny Smith (Labour), Southmead: 01275 838910.


Henbury and Brentry resident members

Six from the following elected through Henbury and Brentry Community Council (18 April 2013):

Brentry members:

  • Daron Devonshire
  • Antony Skelding
  • Adrian Boyce
  • Hannah Pereira

Henbury members:

  • Darien Jay
  • Rose Carr
  • vacant

Southmead members:

  • Ian Thornley and
  • five others nominated at the preceeding Southmead Steering Group meeting.

Source: www.bristol.gov.uk

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