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Henbury Conservation Society

The Henbury Conservation Society exists to make sure that the many attractive parts of the Henbury Conservation Area which includes many 17th & 18th century buildings and a large area of green space are maintained and improved.

Henbury Conservation Matters

The Society works to protect and enhance the historical features of the area. It is not anti any developments, just those which would remove or radically change existing features. Important parts of its programme are meetings and events which introduce all generations to the fascinating history of Henbury and surroundings.

The conservation area was the first one in Bristol having been defined as such by the Traffic & Planning Committee of Bristol City Council in late 1969.

Latest Updates

December 20, 2015

Henbury Conservation Society is still functioning despite the lack of anyone willing to act as Chair. Tim Parkinson acts as secretary and maintains the web site (occasionally!) and Andrew Chugg looks after the monies.

During the year Jill Campbell motivated a small team to really tidy up the forgotten triangle at the foot of Church Lane. She also invoked Mark Weston’s, local councillor), help in a new sign at the junction to point people to St Mary’s Church, Henbury Village Hall and the Community Garden. Tim Parkinson refurbished the timber of the former Finger Post but BCC Highways / Planning forbad him from proceeding as it is on public land. We have now requested BCC to restore the post and signs.

The Henbury, Brentry & Southmead Neighbourhood Partnership now have a new mini roundabout for the Crow Lane / Henbury Road junction in the Henbury section of the local Road plan. This should improve traffic flows, increase safety and reduce excessive speed across the current junction.

Tim Parkinson is awaiting an estimate from Nimbus Preservations for the rebuild of the broken statue of Neptune currently in the grounds of Woodstock School. This is so we can assess how to fund raise because BCC save they have no monies for the project! The plan, yet to be approved by BCC, is to place the restored statue by the pond in Blaise Dairy Garden. Originally we think Neptune graced an ornamental pond in front of the Great House of Henbury demolished in 1810.

December 15, 2015

Henbury Dynasties by Marguerite Tonkin

We have plenty of stock of Marguerite’s third book about people and places in the Henbury area, This is available at £2.50 ea for collection locally or £5 postage free for a single copy. To order please complete and submit the form below

Order here

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