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Elderberry Walk

Elderberry open space has a unique character of its own within a wider urban setting. Some of the trees were planted as saplings by local children from the former Dunmail school.

This area is a jewel to locals "residents have often said this is where they come when they need a place to go when feeling stressed or anxious when dealing with life's problems, emotions or mental wellbeing", doctors say being outside among nature can improve your physical and mental health.

Just going for a walk, strolling through our wonderful park area can give anyone areal boost. It's a fact, the great green outdoors counteracts the stresses and strains of modern life - it's healthy and it's free. Families have picnics, fly kites, ball games, hideand seek making dens, playing chase around the beautiful ancient hedgerow all natural play. Children using their imaginations for play, they don't need state of the art equipment or skate parks just good quality natural open space to play in.

This beautiful location has important mixed habitat for Avon Wildlife have stated that the hedgerows ate an extremely important feature and is excellent for both feeding and Protection.

There are a variety of mature trees to be found at this location. Within the parkland there are numerous varieties of trees and ancient hedgerow which again is ideal for wildlife, feeding and nesting.

There is significant education value to our local schools/local groups and we are dedicated to working with our park community for local wildlife. It is a fact that many young people enjoy exploring nature and should be encouraged to do so. Elderbery open space fulfills this need for their young inquiring minds.

The main features of the Elderberry are its open aspect combined with its woodland feel, wildlife and safe play areas. Not with standing its central location on the north side of Southmead bringing firm roots to our community.

A portfolio which contains many years of community use has been compiled by local residents portraying its historical importance to generations of people whose families have lived in the Southmead area.

Postcode: BS10 6NW

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