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Crow Lane Open Space

Crow Lane Open Space Crow Lane Open Space

The Crow Lane Open Space is the large tract of green space that stretches north to south from Tormarton Crescent across to Crow Lane and east to west from Standfast Road to Henbury Road and Marmion Crescent.

Crow Lane Open Space part of the Ancient Forest of Avon
There is an abundance of insects, mammals and many species of birds
A very popular Skateboard Park was built a few years ago on the Crow Lane

It has areas of mown grass for children to play and residents and visitors to relax and unwind but there are also untouched areas of trees and shrubs with wild flowers and grasses. A designated conservation area where there are the remains of a very old orchard, runs from the Ford in Henbury Road to Station Road. The Hazel Brook runs north to south through the centre of the green space and is crossed by four bridges leading to public footpaths which provide pedestrian access from one side of Henbury to the other.

The whole space supports a wealth of wildlife from foxes and hedgehogs etc to the frogs, toads and newts that abound near the banks of the brook. Several surveys carried out recently by wildlife specialists found a whole host of insects and well over thirty different species of birds that live and breed on the Open Space. Among them are Kingfishers and Woodpeckers. Mallard Ducks breed near the water every year producing as many as twelve ducklings. These families can be seen anywhere along the brook from Tormarton Crescent to the Ford. The variety of trees and other flora is amazing and bats can be seen feeding in the area at dusk.

At the Crow Lane side of the space there is a Skate Park regularly used by local youngsters to practice there skills on skateboards and bicycles and a small, enclosed Play Area for younger children which, it is hoped, will be improved in the near future. There is also a Bowling Green which was home to the local Henbury Bowling Club for over thirty years but, sadly, is no longer in use.

This is a very beautiful green space right at the heart of the community and, earlier this year it was saved from development by the hard work and campaigning of residents and councilors, until at least 2024. As a result of the solidarity shown by residents the Friends of Crow Lane Open Space was formed. The group has submitted an application to Bristol City Council to have the area designated as a Town Green which would save it forever. Members of the group meet regularly to discuss ways of encouraging local people and visitors to use the green space for recreation and leisure and held its first community event in September. The event was supported by the Neighbourhood Partnership Well Being Fund, Bristol City Council Parks Department, local shops and traders and local schools. It is hoped to arrange further events in the future which will, hopefully, become part of the annual community diary.

For further information about the Friends of Crow Lane Open Space call Chris Pratt on 0117 9833468
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