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Brentry & Henbury Children’s Centres

Children’s Centre services in Brentry and Henbury for families across North Bristol Children’s Centre services in Brentry and Henbury for families across North Bristol

The Brentry & Henbury Children’s Centre (BHCC) was originally set up in the grounds of Brentry Primary School.

It began as a Neighbourhood Nursery by the Charity that bears the same name in 2004 with funding from the National Lottery.

Members of a local Playgroup and the local community commissioned research into the need for childcare and family support within the locality (Kimberlee, 2003) to gain the funding needed. Continuing as members of the voluntary sector we became a Children’s Centre in 2006 with our second site opening in Henbury in 2008; we currently meet all aspects of the Core Offer at both of our centres.

We have a proven track record of delivering high quality services for young children and their families. The community services we offer are well received by our community and we have an excellent history of effective multi-agency working. We shall continue to build upon the strong practice we have established over the past 8 years, sharing our learning from the development of both a Phase 1 and a Phase 2 Children’s Centre providing services to a diverse and often challenging community. We will continue to extend our expertise by working in partnership with existing provision in the area and continue to seek to access support from specialist partner colleagues.

All of the work we do is underpinned by a strong set of principles, values and we share an ambitious vision which we have embedded in all aspects of our children’s centres provision. Our team is more than people who work together in the same area; we share a clear vision of the future which we have reached as a team. Though in the main we share these concepts external pressures are constantly exerted that could cause the team to divide. We have learnt we need co-operation, motivation, communication and a joint response to pressure, both internal and external. The journey can be difficult at times, but has given us a feeling of ownership of our Centres and pride in our work. Our plans take time to conceive as we encourage everyone to have a voice and for that voice to be heard. We include parents and partners when setting our plans for the future.

We believe that our Children’s Centres should be a positive, happy, caring learning community that is truly committed to:

  • Putting the needs and aspirations of our children and their families first
  • Being a part of our local community
  • Supporting children and their families to have the confidence to achieve their ambitions and aspirations
  • Valuing and respecting everyone
  • Celebrating and respecting people’s differences
  • Being open minded, flexible, dynamic and willing to change to meet need
  • Listening to the voices of children and adults
  • Providing high quality learning opportunities for everyone
  • Working in partnership with parents and our community


We offer childcare at both our Brentry and Henbury Court sites. We employ highly qualified staff including teachers and Early Years leaders. Our childcare has been recognised as “best practice” with us being awarded a “Centre of Excellence” status by Bristol City Council. In addition, we employ the Specialist Leader for Education for North Bristol as recognised by National College for Teaching and Leadership.

Our Annual Parental Satisfaction surveys regularly show high levels of satisfaction with parents acknowledging the high standards of care their children receive. We are equally pleased to receive feedback from our feeder schools that acknowledges the difference we are making to children’s school readiness.

Our Children’s Centre services, delivered on site, offer an integrated package of support services for all families accessing our services.

Please fill out an ‘Expression of Interest‘ form if you would like to apply for a Childcare place.

If you think you may be eligible or would like to apply for the free 2 year funding entitlement, please complete the application form and send to the Bristol City Council address showing on the form. Application Form 2 Year Old Place 010713_0

Current daycare prices:

Our fixed sessions are 4 hours in length and a lunch or tea will need to be purchased during these sessions.

Charges for our daycare at Brentry and Henbury Court Children's Centres are as follows:

Under 2's 2-3's 3-4's
£6.44 per hour £5.68 per hour £5.28 per hour

Breakfast – 60p per meal
Lunch – £2.50 per meal
Tea - £2.10 per meal

Brentry Centre

Brentry Lane, Brentry, Bristol BS10 6RG
Tel: 0117 9593800

Henbury Centre

Trevelyan Walk, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 7NY
Tel: 0117 3534479

Link: www.bhchildrenscentre.org.uk
Link for Ofsted Report: www.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/20418

Source: Brentry & Henbury Children's Centres

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