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Okebourne Park

The Okebourne Park The Okebourne Park

Okebourne Park is a community facility for all age groups. It is often used and viewed as a natural focus point for the community and is regularly used for numerous activities, leisure and relaxation.

A number of local "community" events have been arranged for residents to participate in and it is a main viewing point for Filton air displays, firework displays and similar events that can be seen by local residents due to its elevated position.

The site currently has housing on three of its parameters which provides it with sufficient capacity to supervise the space without it becoming intrusive for those using it.
Local residents have taken ownership of the green site and in liaison with the police have been very successful in eradicating antisocial behavior which once was problematic.

Accessibility to the Oakbourne site can either be from residential areas at the top or bottom of the field or from a wider entrance located on Knole Lane. There is a central pathway running through the site which can be used by pushchairs/wheelchairs. This pathway is used daily by families taking their children through the green space to and from the Brentry Children's centre and Brentry Primary school and for recreational play on their way home. This route is free of noise and pollution from vehicles

Okeboume green space has evolved over a number of years and has a unique character of its own within a wider urban setting.

The woodland area was developed in partnership with local residents, trees being planted by local children, many who attended the local school. This was designated as paft of the "Forest of Avon". There is a specific area designated for Allotments which is being renovated in artnership with the Allotments site manager.

This is refined to below under current and potential developments. The views at the upper end of the site are magnificent, looking over the Severn estuary both a green and industrial landscape towards Wales. This is the jewel and thought to be the best part of the site where people can relax, sit and take time out, "residents have often remarked that this is where they sit whenever they need a place to go when feeling stressed or anxious about aspects of their life and need time to "think things through" when dealing with life's problems related to their emotions or mental wellbeing", many doctorswill tell you that being outside among nature can improve your physical and mental health.

Just going for a walk, strolling through park/woodland area can give anyone a real boost. It's a fact, the great green outdoors counteracts the stresses and strains of modem life - it's healthy and it's free, families have picnics, fly kites and this area cannot be found or duplicated at other neighboring green site locations.

This beautiful location has been described by Avon wildlife Trust representatives as an important mixed habitat for all forms of wildlife including animals, birdlife also insect lava worms.

For example Badgers have been seen here, an abundance of foxes, bats, green woodpeckers, Jays, Gold crests, as well as more common birds such as sparrows, redbreasts, magpies and crows and it is also an important feeding route for winter migrants such as Blackcaps. Avon Wildlife state that the hedgerows are an extremely important feature of this area and is excellent for both feeding and protection.

There are a variety of trees also to be found at this location including mature Ash, Pine, lime and silver birch, where there is evidence for example of Jays nesting. These particular trees have been sensitively planted to avoid disrupting the magnificent views.

At the very top of this area it is considered an idea place for a form of wildlife meadowland that would not require funding of any significance.

Within the wider parkland there are numerous varieties of trees and habitats including more dense woodland which again is ideal for wildlife, feeding and nesting. At the bottom of the site bats are often to be found.

Trees situated in various locations within the park include Hawthorns, Oak, Horse chestnut, Maple, Rowan, ornamental and cherry to mention a few !!

An important Wildlife corridor cable found to adjoining land, linking up with farmland and to the side of railway tracks. This is particularly important in terms of habitat for animals such as badgers.

Whilst the site does not have a water feature, there is a marshland area which lends its-self to wildlife inhabitants and plants.

There is significant education value to our local schools/local groups and we are dedicated to working with our park community for local wildlife. It is a fact that many young people enjoy exploring nature.

The main features of the Okebourne site is its wonderful views this combined with its woodland and wildlife, the walkways and safe play areas. Not with standing its central location within Brentry bringing firm roots to our community.

Evidence would suggest that woodland sites/Greenfield environments such as Okebourne increasingly contribute to the adaptation of climate change and is more important than ever in combating the effects of global warming. A diversity of trees provides shade for visitors to the site and helps control high temperatures during the summer months.

There are underground streams situated on the top half of the site which run to the historical "Pen Park Hole". However the current setting and landscape contains potential flooding.

Further information about the Friends of Okebourne Park: Friends of okebourne
Email: info@friendsofokebourne.org
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