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The Old Court House

The Old Henbury Court The Old Henbury Court

"If you look very closely at the stone work over what we call our front door (the entrance from the residents' car park) you can just about make out the letters P U B L I C.

Over the other entrance, on Hallen Road - where our front garden is - we think we can see the remnants of the letters J U S T I C E S. We imagine the public had access to the court from the side of the building, while the Justices of the Peace, policemen etc used the real front door, escorting the prisoners from the adjacent police cells, that part of the building which has now been converted to three flats.

Various property developers have taken the place on over the last few decades. It seems to have been first developed in the 1980s and eventually it was converted to four residences that were ready for occupation in 2001. That was when we moved in. Just beneath the surface of our back garden we found a sloping floor of oil-soaked red bricks, no doubt from the property's existence as a car workshop. The best of these have been recycled to make our garden paths.

A week or so after moving in, we were startled (well all right, petrified, traumatised and terror-stricken) by two loud thumps early one morning as we lay in bed. Exploration of the tiny attic space over the hallway and other nooks and crannies revealed nothing untoward.

Still, just occasionally there have been other strange noises in the night. Could they be the howls and laments of innocent victims of British justice?

Oh, and what about that funny-looking, spiked, louvered thing on top of the roof? It has just been lovingly restored by the builders Create and Construct. The latest - and likeliest (?) - explanation is that it provided ventilation for the fumes produced from the original gas lighting."

Source: Henbury and Brentry Newsletter by Bob Porter

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