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History (9)

Pages and articles for the history of the BS10 communities, Southmead, Henbury & Brentry and Blaise Castle Estate. There are several historical old buildings, like the Old Court, Henbury Village Hall, the grave of Scipio Africanus, the Blaise Castle and Museum.

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Organisations (10)

List of the organisations, groups, clubs and forums running in BS10, Henbury and Brentry community. Information, articles, news and updates for them.

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Churches (6)

Churches in Bristol BS10, Henbury and Brentry community are St Mary the Virgin, St. Antony's Catholic Church, New Kingsland United Reform Church, Emmanuel Chapel.

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Parks & Green Spaces

Parks & Green Spaces (5)

Information about the parks and green open spaces in Bristol BS10, Henbury parks and green spaces such as Blaise Castle Estate, Blaise Hamlet, Okebourne park, Elderberry walk and Crow Lane open space. There is also a nursery, the Blaise nursery.

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Local Info

Local Info (1)

List ofl useful phone numbers, links and adresses for Henbury and Brentry community services, BS10 area and bristol in general. Police and Emergency services, children's and young people services, local facilities, bristol city council contacts, MP's,

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Community (3)

Latest news, updates and fresh information from the Henbury and Brentry community, Bristol BS10 area,.The organisations,groups, clubs and forums running locally. Useful contact phone numbers, MP's, councillors, police and safety.

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Places to visit

Places to visit (4)

Historical old buildings and places to visit in BS10, Henbury and Brentry, such as Blaise Castle, Blaise House Museum, Blaise Hamlet, St. Mary church, the Old Court, Henbury Village Hall, the grave of Scipio Africanus, Hamlet cottages, parks, open spaces and fun places for all ages.

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery (1)

A photo gallery of rare, historical and old photos of the BS10 area, Henbury and Brentry Community.

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